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What we do


Devoto and Company, Inc. is a professional firm specializing in two business sectors. We provide guidance regarding the acquisition and divestiture by British companies of closely-held companies in the United States and the United Kingdom in the $5 million to $120 million price range. We also assist principals and owners of closely-held U.S. firms who wish to dispose of their interests with confidentiality and discretion while maximizing realized value in the process. Expertise and experience gained over nearly 48 years of dealing with families and other principals of closely-held firms has given Devoto and Company, Inc. a wealth of knowledge and sensitivity in constructing transactions that maintain the continuity and performance of these companies post acquisition.


Where we are

The firm works from offices in London and Atlanta, Georgia, and is active in Europe, Canada, South and Central America and throughout the United States.

What we charge

Devoto and Company, Inc. makes no charge for any of its services unless an acquisition or divestiture is successfully consummated. We are reimbursed by the client for preapproved expenses incurred during the transaction process.

Who we have served

Devoto and Company, Inc. has served a substantial number of major U.K. companies and will be happy to supply suitable references on request. A partial list of U.K. companies for whom Devoto and Company, Inc. has completed U.S. or U.K. transactions would include:


Telephone: +1 404-849-7186

  • IMI plc

  • Senior Engineering Group plc

  • The Rank Organisation plc

  • Whessoe plc

  • First Olympian Securities Ltd.

  • Glynwed International plc

  • Coal Products Ltd. – a subsidiary of The British Coal Board

  • Wagon Industrial Holdings plc

  • API Group plc

  • Learoyd Packaging Ltd.

  • McKechnie plc

  • Filtrona plc.

  • Essentra plc

  • Low and Bonar plc

  • Tarmac plc

  • RMC plc

  • Wolseley plc

  • Ruberoid plc

  • The Rugby Group plc

  • Marshalls plc

  • Meyer International plc

  • BET plc

  • BTP plc

  • The Laird Group plc

  • Sale Tilney plc

Many of these companies have used Devoto and Company, Inc. over a period of 48 years for multiple acquisition and divestiture projects.

Devoto and Company, Inc. can provide numerous references from closely-held and family-owned U.S. Companies which we have assisted in the divestiture process, frequently, as part of estate planning.

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